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We’d like to be transparent about our hiring process, so you know what to expect and can prepare in advance. If there is anything here that might not work for you or your schedule, we will happily consider any request for accommodations!

1. Initial conversation

We start our process by asking you to have a quick conversation with our Talent Partner, Chris Adams, so that we can learn a bit more about what you’re looking for, and introduce Karuna and how we’re thinking about the role.

2. Technical screen

We use a written screener in place of a technical phone screen. This should take no longer than 45 minutes and we’ve found most people prefer doing this on their own time rather than scheduling a call.

3. Hiring manager interview

This will be a one hour remote conversation with Antares Meketa, our Chief Product Officer, who oversees the product design and engineering parts of the organization. The conversation will be mostly non-technical, and will cover work history, approach to problem solving and conflict management, and approach to learning.

4. Take-home coding exercise

Our take-home coding exercise should take approximately three hours to complete, and can be submitted online. The purpose of this step in our process is for us to see how you think about code quality and cleanliness (not to solve some abstract brain-teaser). Rather than do this on a whiteboard, we understand that it’s more comfortable to use your own computer and your own tools to practice your craft. This exercise is structured in order to provide that kind of opportunity.

5. Virtual on-site interview

Our virtual “on-site” interview is a good chance to meet more members of the team, and to do a deeper dive into coding and architecture. We ask that you budget three and a half hours of time for this interview (which gives a 15 minute buffer on top of planned time).

Introductions (15 minutes)

Get a chance to quickly meet and introduce yourself to all the folks you’ll be talking to throughout the rest of the time.

Pairing and debugging (65 minutes)

This section starts with reviewing the results of the take-home work, and discussing different design decisions and possible improvements. After reviewing, we’ll spend some time pairing on adding a small feature to the solution you came up with. Lastly, we’ll review a different solution to the same problem, and debug why it isn’t working the way it should be.

Break (10 minutes)

Architecture (50 minutes)

This section will have you working with an engineer on designing systems architecture for a hypothetical system. Note: this will require you to use an architecture drawing / diagramming tool that you can screenshare with us. Please feel free to pick whatever you are most comfortable with! This can be Google Drawings, Lucidchart, creately, or pointing your webcam at a whiteboard or big piece of paper; whatever works best for you.

Break (10 minutes)

About the company (45 minutes)

This will be an opportunity to talk with the CEO and other members of the leadership team, learn more about the company, and dig in on anything else you might want to know.

6. Reference checks

We will ask for three professional references that we can contact.

7. Offer